2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
Changing a tire with TPMS
If you  drive the vehicle  for about  10
minutes at  speeds above  15.5  mph
(25  km/h)   after  replacing   the  low
pressure tire  with the spare  tire, the
below will happen:
If  you have  a  flat  tire, the  low  Tire
Pressure  and  Position  telltales  will
come  on. We  recommend  that  the
system be checked by an authorized
HYUNDAI dealer.
The TPMS malfunction indica-
tor may blink for approximate-
ly  1  minute and  then  remain
continuously illuminated if the
vehicle is moving around elec-
tric  power   supply  cables  or
radios  transmitter such  as  at
police   stations,   government
and public  offices, broadcast-
ing  stations, military  installa-
tions, airports, or transmitting
towers, etc. This  can interfere
with  normal  operation of  the
The  TPMS   malfunction  indicator
may   blink   for   approximately    1
minute  and  then  remain  continu-
ously   illuminated    because    the
TPMS  sensor  is not  mounted  on
the spare wheel.
NEVER  use  a  puncture-repair-
ing agent to repair and/or inflate
a  low   pressure   tire.  The   tire
sealant   can   damage   the  tire
pressure  sensor.  If   used,  you
will have to replace the tire pres-
sure sensor.
You  may not  be able  identify  a low
tire  by  simply  looking at  it.  Always
use  a   good   quality  tire   pressure
gauge to  measure the tire's  inflation
pressure. Please note that a tire that
Each  wheel is  equipped  with a  tire     is hot (from  being driven) will have a
pressure sensor  mounted inside the     higher pressure measurement than a
tire behind the  valve stem. You must     tire that  is cold  (from sitting  station-
use TPMS specific  wheels. It is  rec-     ary  for at  least  3 hours  and  driven
ommended that  you have  your tires     less  than 1 mile (1.6 km) during  that
serviced by an authorized HYUNDAI      3 hour period).
System (TPMS).
The TPMS malfunction indica-
tor may blink for approximate-
ly  1  minute and  then  remain
continuously    illuminated    if
snow chains are used or some
separate   electronic   devices
such  as  notebook  computer,
mobile charger, remote starter
or navigation etc., are  used in
the vehicle.
Allow the tire to  cool before measur-
ing the inflation  pressure. Always be
sure the tire is cold before inflating to
the recommended pressure.
This can interfere with  normal
operation of the Tire  Pressure
Monitoring System (TPMS).
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