2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Tire chains
When using tire  chains, attach them
to the drive wheels as follows.
Make sure the snow chains are
the  correct  size  and  type  for
2WD : Front wheels
AWD : All four wheels
If  a  full  set of  chains  is  not
available for an  AWD vehicle,
chains  may   be  installed  on
the front wheels only.
tires.   Incorrect    snow
chains  can  cause  damage  to
the  vehicle body  and  suspen-
sion  and may  not  be covered
by  your  vehicle  manufacturer
warranty. Also, the snow  chain
connecting hooks may be dam-
aged  from  contacting  vehicle
components causing the snow
chains to come loose  from the
tire. Make sure the snow chains
are SAE class “S” certified.
Since the sidewalls of radial tires are
thinner,  they  can   be  damaged  by
mounting some types of snow chains
on them. Therefore, the use  of snow
tires   is  recommended   instead   of
snow   chains.  Do   not   mount   tire
chains  on   vehicles  equipped   with
aluminum wheels; snow  chains may
cause damage to the wheels. If snow
chains must  be used,  use wire-type
chains with  a thickness of  less than
•  Always  check  chain  installa-
tion for proper  mounting after
driving  approximately   0.3  to
0.6   miles  (0.5   to   1  km)   to
Retighten    or    remount    the
chains if they are loose.
in  (15  mm).  Damage  to  your
vehicle  caused   by  improper  snow
chain  use  is  not   covered  by  your
vehicle manufacturers warranty.
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