2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Headlamp (HID type), position
(LED), turn signal, and front fog
lamp bulb replacement
HID  lamps have  superior  perform-
ance  vs. halogen  bulbs.  HID  lamps
Side repeater lamp replace-
If  the  lamp bulb  does  not  operate,     are estimated by the manufacturer to
have  the   vehicle   checked   by  an      last twice as long or longer than halo-
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
gen  bulbs  depending   on  their  fre-
quency  of  use.  They  will  probably
require replacement at some point in
the  life  of  the  vehicle.  Cycling  the
headlamps on and off more than typ-
ical use  will shorten HID  lamps life.
HID  lamps do  not  fail  in the  same
manner   as   halogen   incandescent
lamps. If a headlamp goes out after a
period of operation but  will immedi-
Headlamp low beam
(if equipped)
Do  not   attempt  to  replace  or
inspect  the low  beam  (XENON
bulb) due to electric shock dan-
ger.  If  the   low  beam  (XENON
bulb) is  not working, have your
vehicle  checked  by an  author-
ized HYUNDAI Dealer.
ately   relight  when   the   headlamp     If  the  lamp  bulb does  not  operate,
switch  is cycled  it is  likely  the HID     have   the  vehicle   checked   by  an
lamp needs to be replaced. HID light-    authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
ing  components  are  more  complex
than conventional halogen bulbs thus
have higher replacement cost.
A skilled technician should check or
repair    the   side    repeater    lamp.
Otherwise,  it  may  damage  related
parts (ex. outside mirror).
A skilled technician should check or
repair the  LED  light. Otherwise,  it
may damage related parts.
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