2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Weight of the trailer
Weight of the trailer tongue
The  trailer  tongue   should  weigh  a
maximum of  10% of the  total loaded
trailer weight,  within the  limits of  the
maximum  permissible  trailer  tongue
load. After you've  loaded your trailer,
weigh the trailer and then the tongue,
separately, to  see  if the  weights are
proper. If they aren’t, you may be able
to  correct   them  simply  by   moving
some items around in the trailer.
Tongue Load
Total Trailer Weight
Gross Axle Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
What is the maximum safe  weight of     The tongue  load of  any trailer  is an
a trailer? It should never weigh more
than the maximum trailer weight with     because   it  affects  the   total  gross
trailer brakes.  But even  that can  be     vehicle  weight (GVW)  of  your vehi-
too heavy.
cle.  This  weight  includes  the  curb
weight of the  vehicle, any cargo you
may carry  in it,  and the people  who
will be riding in the vehicle. And if you
will  tow a  trailer,  you must  add  the
tongue  load  to  the  GVW  because
your vehicle will also be carrying that
It depends  on  how you  plan to  use
your trailer. For example, speed, alti-
tude, road  grades, outside tempera-
ture  and  how often  your  vehicle  is
used to pull a trailer are all important.
The  ideal   trailer   weight  can   also
depend  on  any  special   equipment
that you have on your vehicle.
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