2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Seat belt restraint system
Never wear  the  shoulder belt
under   your   arm  or   behind
your   back.    An   improperly
positioned  shoulder  belt can
cause  serious   injuries   in  a
should be  positioned midway
over   your   shoulder   across
your collarbone.
Seat belts are  designed to bear
upon the  bony structure  of the
body, and  should  be  worn low
across  the  front  of the  pelvis,
chest  and shoulders,  as  appli-
cable;  wearing  the lap  section
of the belt across the abdominal
area must be avoided.
Seat  belts  should  be  adjusted
as  firmly  as  possible,  consis-
tent with comfort, to provide the
protection  for which  they have
been designed.
For  maximum   restraint  sys-
tem protection,  the seat belts
must always be used whenev-
er the car is moving.
crash.    The
Seat  belts are  most  effective
when   seatbacks  are   in   the
upright position.
Children age  12  and younger
must    always    be    properly
restrained   in  the   rear  seat.
Never allow children to ride in
the front  passenger  seat. If a
child over  12 must  be seated
in the  front seat, he/she must
be  properly   belted   and  the
seat  should be  moved as  far
back as possible.
•  Always wear  both  the  shoul-
der portion and  lap portion of
the lap/shoulder belt.
Avoid  wearing   twisted   seat
belts. A  twisted  belt can't  do
its job as well. In a collision, it
could  even  cut  into  you.  Be
sure   the    belt   webbing    is
straight and not twisted.
A slack  belt will  greatly reduce
the  protection  afforded  to  the
Be careful  not to  damage the
belt  webbing  or  hardware.  If
the belt  webbing or hardware
is damaged, replace it.
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