2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Parking on hills
Generally,   if   you   have   a   trailer
attached to your  vehicle, you should     1. Pull   the  vehicle  into   the  parking
not park your vehicle on a hill. People
can  be  seriously  or  fatally  injured,
and both your  vehicle and the trailer
can be damaged if they unexpected-
ly roll down hill.
However, if you ever have to park your
trailer on a hill, here's how to do it:
When towing a trailer on steep
grades (in  excess  of 6%)  pay
close  attention to  the  engine
coolant temperature  gauge to
ensure  the  engine   does  not
space.Turn the steering wheel in the
direction of the curb (right if headed
down hill, left if headed up hill).
If  the   vehicle  has  an  automatic
transaxle, place the car in P (Park).
Set the parking brake and  shut off
the vehicle.
Place   chocks  under   the   trailer
wheels on the down hill side of the
If  the  needle   of  the  coolant
across  the  dial   towards  “H”
(HOT),  pull over  and  stop  as
soon as it is safe to do so, and
allow the engine to idle until it
cools down. You may proceed
once  the  engine  has   cooled
WARNING - Parking
on a hill
Parking  your  vehicle  on  a  hill
with   a  trailer   attached   could
cause  serious  injury  or death,
should the trailer break loose or
the brake stops working.
5. Start the vehicle,  hold the brakes,
shift to neutral, release the parking
brake   and   slowly   release    the
brakes   until   the   trailer   chocks
absorb the load.
6. Reapply  the  brakes,  reapply   the
parking brake and  shift the vehicle
to P (Park) for automatic transaxle.
Use  caution when  driving  on
an uphill  grade to  reduce  the
possibility    of    engine    and
transaxle overheating.
Shut  off  the vehicle  and  release
the  vehicle  brakes  but leave  the
parking brake set.
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