2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
You  must   consciously   take   the
effort  to learn  how  to corner  in  a
AWD vehicle.  Do not  rely on  your
experience  in   conventional  2WD
vehicles in choosing safe cornering
speed in  AWD mode. For starters,
you  must   drive   more  slowly   in
Drive  carefully   off-road   because
your vehicle  may  be damaged  by
rocks  or  roots  of   trees. Become
familiar with the off-road conditions
where   you   are   going   to   drive
before you begin driving.
•  Always hold the steering wheel firm-
ly when you are driving off-road.
Make   sure   all   passengers   are
wearing seat belts.
WARNING - Wind danger
If you are driving in heavy wind,
the  vehicle's  higher   center  of
gravity decreases your steering
control  capacity   and  requires
you to drive more slowly.
If you need to  drive through water,
stop your vehicle, set  your transfer
to the AWD LOCK mode and  drive
at less than 5 mph (8 km/h).
WARNING - Steering
Do  not  grab  the  inside  of  the
steering  wheel   when  you  are
driving  off-road. You  may  hurt
your arm  by a  sudden steering
or   from    steering
wheel  rebound  due  to   impact
with objects on the ground.You
could lose  control of the  steer-
ing wheel.
Reduce  speed  when  you   turn
corners.The center of gravity  of
AWD  vehicles   is   higher  than
that of  conventional 2WD  vehi-
cles, making them more likely to
roll over when you  turn corners
too fast.
WARNING - Driving
through water
Drive  slowly. If  you  are  driving
too fast  in water,  the water  can
get into the engine compartment
and  wet   the  ignition   system,
causing your vehicle to sudden-
ly stop. If this happens and your
vehicle  is  in   a  tilted  position,
your vehicle may roll over.
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