2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
The DBC does not  turn ON in the
P (Park) position.
The DBC  may  not activate  if the
ESC (or ABS) is activated.
Noise or vibration may occur from
the brakes  when the  DBC is  acti-
The rear stop light comes on when
the DBC is activated.
Always turn OFF the DBC on nor-
mal  roads. The  DBC  might  acti-
vate from  the standby  mode dur-
ing  abrupt  cornering  or   driving
over speed bumps.
Hill-start assist control (HAC)
(if equipped)
Unnecessary    or    unwanted
DBC  activation may  result  in
an accident.
•  On  a   very   steep   hill   even
though   the  brake   pedal   or
accelerator pedal is depressed
the DBC may not deactivate.
A  vehicle  has  the  tendency  to  roll
back on  a steep hill when  the driver
begins to accelerate after a stop.The
Hill-start  Assist  Control  (HAC)  pre-
vents the vehicle from rolling back by
operating  the  brakes   automatically
for  about  1.5  seconds. The  brakes
are  released  when  the  accelerator
pedal is depressed or after about 1.5
The  HAC  is  activated  only  for
about  1.5  seconds,  so   always
depress the accelerator pedal to
begin accelerating after a stop.
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