2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Outside rearview mirror
Remote control
Be   sure  to   adjust   mirror   angles
before driving.
Do not scrape  ice off the mirror
face; this  may damage  the sur-
face  of the  glass. If  ice  should
restrict movement of the  mirror,
do   not   force   the   mirror   for
adjustment. To  remove ice,  use
a  deicer spray,  or  a sponge  or
soft cloth with warm water.
Your  vehicle  is  equipped with  both
left-hand   and   right-hand    outside
rearview mirrors. The mirrors can be
adjusted  remotely  with  the  remote
switch.The mirror heads can be fold-
ed back to prevent damage during an
automatic car wash or when passing
in a narrow street.
CAUTION - Outside
If the mirror  is jammed with ice,
do not adjust the mirror by force.
Use  an approved  spray  de-icer
The  electric   remote  control  mirror
switch allows you  to adjust the posi-
tion  of   the  left   and   right  outside
rearview mirrors.
not    radiator    antifreeze)     to
The   right   outside   rearview
mirror is convex. Objects seen
in  the  mirror are  closer  than
they appear.
Use your interior rearview mir-
ror  or   direct  observation   to
determine the  actual distance
of   following   vehicles   when
changing lanes.
release the frozen mechanism or
move  the   vehicle   to  a   warm
place and allow the ice to melt.
Do not adjust or fold the outside
rearview mirrors  while the  vehi-
cle is moving.This could result in
loss of  control, and an  accident
which  could  cause  death,  seri-
ous injury or property damage.
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