2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Automatic-dimming function
Z-Nav™ Compass Display
Compass function
Your  mirror   will  automatically   dim     The  NVS™ Mirror in  your vehicle  is     The Compass can be turned ON and
upon detecting  glare  from the  vehi-     also    equipped    with   a    Z-Nav™     OFF and will remember the last state
cles traveling  behind you. The  auto-     Compass   that  shows   the  vehicle      when the  ignition  is cycled.  To turn
dimming  function can  be  controlled     Compass   heading  in   the   Display     the display feature ON/OFF:
by pushing the ON/OFF Button:
Window  using  the 8  basic  cardinal
headings (N, NE, E, SE, etc.).
Press  and release  the   button  to
turn the display feature OFF.
Pressing the button turns the auto-
dimming  function   OFF  which  is
indicated   by   the   green   Status
Indicator LED turning off.
Pressing  the   button  again  turns
the   auto-dimming   function    ON
which  is  indicated  by  the  green
Status Indicator LED turning on.
2. Press   and   release   the   button
again to turn the display back ON.
Additional  options  can  be  set  with
press  and  hold   sequences  of  the
button and are detailed below.
There is  a difference  between mag-
netic north and  true north. The com-
pass  in the  mirror  can compensate
for this difference  when it knows the
Magnetic Zone  in which it  is operat-
ing. This is set either by the dealer or
by  the   user.  The   operating  Zone
Numbers   for   North   America   are
shown in  the figure  on the following
The mirror defaults to  the ON posi-
tion each time the vehicle is started.
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