2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Outward Facing Sidewall: The side     Recommended Inflation Pressure:
of a asymmetrical tire that has a par-     Vehicle  manufacturer's recommend-     Grading Standards, a tire information
ticular side that  faces outward when     ed  tire inflation  pressure and shown     system that provides consumers with
mounted on  a  vehicle. The outward     on  the tire placard.
facing sidewall  bears white  lettering
ratings for  a tire's  traction, tempera-
ture   and   treadwear.   Ratings   are
determined   by   tire  manufacturers
using   government   testing    proce-
dures. The  ratings  are  molded  into
the sidewall of the tire.
Vehicle Capacity Weight: The num-
ber  of designated  seating  positions
multiplied by 150 lbs. (68 kg) plus the
rated cargo and luggage load.
Vehicle Maximum Load on theTire:
Load on an individual tire due to curb
and accessory weight plus maximum
occupant and cargo weight.
Vehicle Normal  Load  on the Tire:
Load  on   an  individual  tire  that   is
determined  by  distributing  to  each
axle  its  share  of   the  curb  weight,
accessory weight, and  normal occu-
pant weight and dividing by 2.
Radial Ply Tire:  A pneumatic tire  in
or bears manufacturer, brand, and/or
model name molding that is higher or
deeper  than the  same moldings  on
the inner facing sidewall.
Passenger  (P-Metric)  Tire:  A  tire
used  on passenger  cars  and some
light  duty  trucks   and  multipurpose
which the ply cords that extend to the
beads are  laid at  90 degrees to  the
centerline of the tread.
Rim: A  metal support  for a  tire and
upon which the tire beads are seated.
Sidewall:   The   portion    of   a  tire
between the tread and the bead.
Speed   Rating:   An  alphanumeric
code assigned to a tire indicating the
maximum speed  at which a  tire can
Traction:  The  friction  between  the
tire   and   the    road   surface.   The
amount of grip provided.
Ply: A layer of rubber-coated parallel
Pneumatic tire: A mechanical device
made of rubber, chemicals, fabric and
steel  or  other materials,  that,  when
mounted  on   an  automotive  wheel,
provides the traction and contains the
gas or fluid that sustains the load.
Tread:  The   portion  of   a  tire  that
comes into contact with the road.
Production   options  weight:   The
combined weight of  installed regular
production   options   weighing   over
bands, sometimes called "wear bars,"
that show  across  the tread  of a  tire
when only 2/32 inch of tread remains.
Vehicle Placard: A label permanent-
ly attached  to a vehicle showing  the
original equipment  tire size and rec-
ommended inflation pressure.
lb. (2.3  kg) in  excess of  the stan-
dard  items  which they  replace,  not
previously considered in curb  weight
or accessory weight, including heavy
duty brakes,  ride levelers,  roof rack,
heavy duty battery, and special trim.
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