2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
Loosen the  wheel  lug nuts  coun-     7. Place the jack  at the  front or rear     8. Insert the jack handle into  the jack
terclockwise one turn each, but do                                                                         and turn  it  clockwise,  raising the
jacking position  closest to the  tire
not  remove any  nut  until  the tire                                                                         vehicle until the tire just  clears the
you are  changing. Place  the  jack
has been raised off the ground.                                                                             ground.    This   measurement    is
at the  designated locations  under
the frame.
approximately   1.2   in  (30   mm).
Before  removing   the  wheel   lug
nuts, make sure the vehicle is sta-
ble and that there is no chance for
movement or slippage.
WARNING - Jack location
To   reduce   the  possibility    of
injury, be  sure  to use  only  the
jack  provided  with  the  vehicle
and in the correct jack position;
never use  any other part  of the
vehicle for jack support.
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