2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Owner maintenance precau-
Maintenance work
Improper or  incomplete service may
result in problems. This section gives
instructions only for the maintenance
items that are easy to perform.
As  explained earlier  in this  section,
several procedures can be done only
by  an  authorized  HYUNDAI  dealer
with special tools.
Performing maintenance work
on  a  vehicle  can  be danger-
ous.  You   can   be   seriously
injured while performing some
maintenance   procedures.   If
you lack  sufficient knowledge
and experience  or  the proper
tools and equipment to do the
work,   have   it   done   by  an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Improper  owner maintenance  dur-
ing the  warranty period  may affect
warranty coverage. For details, read
the separate  Owner’s  Handbook &
Warranty Information  booklet pro-
vided   with  the   vehicle.  If   you're
unsure about any servicing or main-
tenance procedure,  have it  done by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
•  Working under  the hood  with
the engine  running is danger-
ous.  It   becomes  even   more
dangerous   when   you   wear
jewelry    or   loose    clothing.
These can  become  entangled
in moving  parts and  result  in
injury. Therefore,  if  you  must
run the  engine  while working
under the  hood, make certain
that  you   remove  all   jewelry
(especially   rings,   bracelets,
watches,  and  necklaces) and
all neckties, scarves, and sim-
ilar loose  clothing before  get-
ting near the engine or cooling
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