2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
Emergency towing precautions
CAUTION - Automatic
Turn the ignition  switch to ACC  so
the steering wheel isn’t locked.
If the car is being towed with all
four  wheels on  the  ground,  it
can  be  towed   only  from  the
front. Be sure that the transaxle
is in neutral. Be sure the steer-
ing is  unlocked by placing  the
ignition switch in the ACC posi-
tion.  A  driver must  be  in  the
towed  vehicle  to  operate   the
steering and brakes.
Place the transaxle  shift lever in N
Release the parking bake.
Press  the brake  pedal  with  more
force  than  normal  since  you  will
have reduced brake performance.
required because the power  steer-
ing system will be disabled.
To  avoid  serious  damage   to
the  automatic transaxle,  limit
the  vehicle speed  to  10  mph
If you  are driving down a  long hill,
the brakes may overheat and brake
performance will be  reduced. Stop
often and let the brakes cool off.
km/h) and drive less than 1
mile (1.5 km) when towing.
Before  towing,   check  under
your vehicle  for leaking  auto-
matic   transaxle  fluid.   If  the
automatic   transaxle   fluid  is
leaking,  a  flatbed  equipment
or towing dolly must be used.
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