2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
The   Electronic     Stability    Control     ESC operation
When operating
(ESC)  system is  an  electronic  sys-
tem designed to help the driver main-
tain  vehicle  control   under  adverse
conditions. It  is  not  a substitute  for
safe driving practices. Factors includ-
ing speed, road  conditions and driv-
er   steering    input   can   all   affect
whether ESC will be effective  in pre-
venting a loss of control. It is still your
responsibility to  drive and  corner  at
reasonable  speeds  and  to  leave  a
sufficient margin of safety.
When you  apply  your brakes  under
conditions    which    may   lock    the
wheels,   you  may   hear   a  “tik-tik’’
sound from the brakes, or feel  a cor-
responding  sensation  in  the  brake
pedal. This  is  normal and  it  means
your ESC is active.
ESC ON condition
When the  ESC is in  opera-
tion, the ESC  indicator light
When the ignition is turned
ON,  ESC  and  ESC  OFF
indicator lights illuminate for
approximately  3   seconds,
then ESC is turned on.
• When
Stability Control  is operat-
ing properly, you can feel a
slight pulsation in the vehi-
cle. This is  only the  effect
of  brake control  and  indi-
cates nothing unusual.
Press  the ESC  OFF  but-
ton for  at least half a  sec-
ond after  turning  the igni-
tion  ON  to turn  ESC  off.
(ESC  OFF   indicator   will
illuminate).   To   turn   the
ESC  on,  press  the  ESC
OFF   button   (ESC   OFF
indicator light will go off).
• When  moving  out  of  the
mud  or driving  on  a  slip-
pery   road,  pressing   the
accelerator pedal may  not
cause   the    engine   rpm
(revolutions per minute) to
When  starting  the engine,
you may  hear a slight  tick-
ing sound. This is  the ESC
performing   an  automatic
system self-check and does
not indicate a problem.
A click  sound may  be  heard in  the
engine compartment when  the vehi-
cle begins to move after the engine is
started. These conditions are normal
and   indicate   that   the  Electronic
Stability Control System is function-
ing properly.
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