2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
SRS Care
The  SRS  is   virtually  maintenance-
free and so there are no parts you can
safely service by  yourself. If the SRS
air  bag warning  light  "    "  does  not
illuminate, when you  turn the ignition
on, or continuously remains  on, have
your vehicle immediately inspected by
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Modification  to  SRS  compo-
nents or  wiring, including the
addition of any kind of badges
to the pad covers or modifica-
tions  to  the   body  structure,
can adversely affect  SRS per-
formance and lead to possible
Not  only  the  modification  of
the parts  where the SRS  sen-
sors are but also the modifica-
tion of other parts of the vehi-
cle  may  affect  the  SRS  per-
formance and lead to possible
No  objects should  be  placed
over or near  the air bag  mod-
ules  on   the  steering  wheel,
instrument    panel,   and   the
front passenger's panel above
the  glove  box,   because  any
such object could cause harm
if  the   vehicle  is  in  a   crash
severe  enough  to  cause  the
air bags to inflate.
Any work  on the  SRS system,  such
as removing,  installing,  repairing, or
any work  on the steering  wheel, the
front  passenger's panel,  front  seats
and roof  rails must be  performed by
an   authorized    HYUNDAI   dealer.
Improper handling of the SRS system
may result in serious personal injury.
Air bags may not  inflate if the vehi-
cle collides with objects such as util-
ity poles or trees.
To clean the air  bag pad covers, use
only a soft, dry cloth or one which has
been  moistened   with   plain  water.
Solvents or cleaners could  adversely
affect the  air bag covers  and proper
deployment of the system.
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