2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
WARNING - Windows
To  prevent  possible  damage
to the  power window  system,
do not open or  close two win-
dows  or   more  at   the  same
time. This will also ensure  the
longevity of the fuse.
Never try  to operate  the main
switch  on   the  driver's   door
and  the  individual  door  win-
dow switch in opposing  direc-
tions at the same time. If this is
done, the window will stop and
cannot be opened or closed.
NEVER leave the keys  in your
with    unsupervised
children,  when the  engine  is
NEVER  leave any  child  unat-
tended  in   the  vehicle.  Even
very young children may inad-
vertently cause  the vehicle to
move, entangle themselves in
the   windows,   or   otherwise
injure themselves or others.
Always double check to  make
sure  all   arms,   hands,  head
and   other  obstructions    are
safely  out  of the  way  before
closing a window.
Do not  allow children  to  play
with the power windows. Keep
the  driver’s  door  power win-
dow lock  switch in  the LOCK
position (depressed).  Serious
injury can result from uninten-
tional   window  operation   by
the child.
Do  not  extend   any  head  or
arms outside through the win-
dow opening while driving.
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