2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Engine Oil Pressure
Warning Light
Low Fuel Level Warning
CAUTION - Engine Oil
Warning Light
This warning light illuminates:
If  the  engine   does  not  stop
immediately  after  the  Engine
Oil Pressure  Warning Light is
illuminated,   severe   damage
could result.
If  the  warning light  stays  on
while the engine  is running, it
indicates  that   there  may  be
serious   engine    damage   or
malfunction. In this case,
Stop the vehicle as  soon as
it is safe to do so.
Turn   off   the   engine   and
check the oil  level. If the oil
level  is  low, fill  the  engine
oil to the proper level.
Start the engine again. If the
warning light stays  on after
the  engine  is  started,  turn
the  engine off  immediately.
In this case, have your vehi-
cle inspected  by an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
Once you set the ignition  switch or
Engine Start/Stop Button to the ON
This warning light illuminates:
When the fuel tank is nearly  empty.
It  remains on  until  the  engine  is
If the fuel tank is nearly empty:
Add fuel as soon as possible.
When the engine oil pressure is low.
CAUTION - Low Fuel
If the engine oil pressure is low:
Drive carefully to  the nearest safe
location and stop your vehicle.
Driving with the  Low Fuel Level
warning light on or with the fuel
level below  “0 or  E” can  cause
the engine  to  misfire and  dam-
age  the  catalytic   converter  (if
Turn the engine  off and check the
engine oil  level (For more  details,
refer to “Engine Oil” in section 7). If
the level is low, add oil as required.
If  the  warning   light  remains  on
after adding oil or if oil is not avail-
able, have  your vehicle inspected
by an authorized HYUNDAI dealer
as soon as possible.
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