2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Seat belt precautions
Infant or small child
All 50 states have child restraint laws.
You should  be aware  of the  specific
requirements   in  your   state.  Child
and/or infant  seats must be  properly
placed and installed in  the rear seat.
For more information about the use of
these   restraints,    refer   to    “Child
restraint system” in this section.
Improper handling  of the pre-
tensioner   seat   belt   assem-
blies, and  failure  to heed  the
warnings not to strike, modify,
inspect,   replace,  service   or
repair  the  pre-tensioner  seat
belt  assemblies  may  lead  to
improper  operation   or  inad-
vertent activation and serious
All   occupants  of   the   vehicle
must wear their seat  belts at all
times.   Seat   belts    and   child
restraints   reduce   the  risk   of
serious  or  fatal injuries  for  all
occupants in the event of  a col-
lision or sudden stop. Without a
seat  belt,  occupants  could  be
shifted too close to a  deploying
air bag, strike the interior struc-
ture or be thrown from the vehi-
Always  wear   the  seat   belts
when  driving  or   riding  in  a
motor vehicle.
If the vehicle  or pre-tensioner
seat  belt must  be  discarded,
Every  person   in  your   vehicle
needs to be  properly restrained
at  all   times,  including  infants
and children. Never hold a child
in your arms or  lap when riding
in a  vehicle. The  violent forces
created during  a crash will tear
the  child  from  your  arms  and
throw the child against the inte-
rior. Always use a child restraint
appropriate    for   your   child's
height and weight.
Properly  worn  seat  belts
greatly reduce these hazards.
Even  with  advanced  air  bags,
unbelted    occupants    can   be
severely injured by  a deploying
air bag.
Always  follow  the  precautions
about  seat  belts, air  bags  and
occupant  seating  contained  in
this manual.
HYUNDAI dealer.
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