2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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High-corrosion areas
Moisture breeds corrosion
Keep your car clean
If you live  in an area where your  car     Moisture creates an atmosphere that     The best way to prevent  corrosion is
is  regularly   exposed   to   corrosive     both promotes  and  facilitates corro-     to  keep  your car  clean  and free  of
materials,   corrosion   protection    is     sion. For example, corrosion is accel-    corrosive  materials. Attention  to the
particularly  important.  Some  of  the     erated by  high humidity,  particularly     underside  of  the  car  is  particularly
common causes  of accelerated cor-      when  temperatures  are  just  above
rosion  are  road  salts,  dust  control     freezing. In  such conditions, the cor-
chemicals,  ocean  air and  industrial     rosive material is kept in contact with
If you  live in  a high-corrosion area
where road salts are used, near the
ocean, areas   with  industrial pollu-
tion,  or acid  rain, etc.,  you  should
take extra care to prevent corrosion.
In winter,  spray or rinse the  under-
side  of  your  car  at  least  once  a
month  and  be  sure  to  clean  the
underside  thoroughly  when  winter
is over.
the car  surfaces by  moisture that  is
slow to evaporate.
because it  is slow  to dry  and  holds
moisture in  contact with the  vehicle.
Although the mud appears to be dry,
it  can  still  retain  the  moisture  and
promote corrosion.
High temperatures can also  acceler-
ate corrosion of parts that are  poorly
ventilated against moisture disperal.
It  is  particularly  important   to  keep
your  car clean  and  free  of  mud or
accumulations   of  other   materials.
This  applies not  only  to  the  visible
surfaces    but   particularly    to   the
underside of the car.
When cleaning underneath the car,
give   particular   attention   to   the
components under the fenders and
other  areas  that are  hidden  from
view. Do a thorough job; just damp-
ening the accumulated  mud rather
than washing  it away  will acceler-
ate corrosion  rather   than prevent
it. Water  under high  pressure and
steam  are particularly  effective  in
removing  accumulated   mud  and
corrosive materials.
To help prevent corrosion
You  can  help  prevent  corrosion  or
drastically limit  by observing the  fol-
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