2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Remove the  valve cap  from the  tire
valve stem. Press the tire gauge firm-
ly  onto the  valve  to get  a  pressure
measurement. If the cold tire inflation
pressure matches the recommended
pressure   on  the   tire  and   loading
information  label, no  further  adjust-
ment is necessary. If  the pressure is
low, add  air until  you reach the  rec-
ommended amount.
If you  overfill the  tire, release  air by
pushing on the metal stem in the cen-
ter of the  tire valve. Recheck the  tire
pressure with the tire gauge. Be sure
to  put  the  valve  caps  back on  the
valve stems. They help prevent leaks
by keeping out dirt and moisture.
Tire rotation
To equalize  tread wear,  it is  recom-
mended  that   the  tires   be  rotated
every  7,500  miles  (12,000   km)  or
sooner if irregular wear develops.
During  rotation,  check  the  tires  for
correct balance.
When rotating tires, check for uneven
wear and damage. Abnormal wear is
usually caused by incorrect tire pres-
sure, improper wheel alignment, out-
of-balance wheels, severe braking or
severe cornering. Look  for bumps or
bulges  in  the  tread or  side  of  tire.
Replace the  tire if  you find either  of
these conditions.  Replace the  tire if
fabric or cord is visible. After rotation,
be sure to bring the front and rear tire
pressures to specification and check
lug nut tightness.
Inspect  your  tires  frequently
for proper  inflation as well as
wear and damage. Always use
a tire pressure gauge.
Tires with too much or too little
pressure wear  unevenly caus-
ing poor handling, loss of vehi-
cle  control,   and  sudden  tire
failure  leading   to  accidents,
injuries,  and  even death.  The
recommended  cold  tire  pres-
sure  for  your  vehicle  can be
found  in  this manual  and  on
the tire label located on the dri-
ver's side center pillar.
Worn  tires   can   cause  acci-
dents.  Replace  tires that  are
worn,  show  uneven  wear,  or
are damaged.
Refer to “Tire and wheels” in section 8.
Remember to  check the  pres-
HYUNDAI   recommends   that
you check the spare every time
you check the  pressure of the
other tires on your vehicle.
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