2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Checking the brake fluid level
Before  removing  the  reservoir  cap     Never  mix different types of fluid.
and  adding   brake  fluid,  clean  the
area around  the  reservoir cap  thor-
WARNING - Loss of
oughly to prevent brake fluid contam-
brake fluid
In  the  event the  brake  system
If  the  level  is low,  add  fluid  to  the
requires  frequent  additions  of
MAX  level.  The  level   will  fall  with
fluid,   the   vehicle   should   be
accumulated mileage. This  is a  nor-
inspected    by   an   authorized
mal  condition   associated  with   the
HYUNDAI dealer.
wear of  the brake linings. If  the fluid
level  is   excessively  low,  have   the
brake system checked by  an author-
ized HYUNDAI dealer.
Check the fluid  level in the  reservoir
periodically. The fluid level should be
between MAX and MIN marks on the
side of the reservoir.
Use  only  the  specified  brake  fluid.
(Refer to  “Recommended lubricants
and capacities” in section 8.)
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