2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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At least monthly:
At least twice a year
(i.e., every Spring and Fall) :
•  Check radiator, heater and air con-
ditioning  hoses for  leaks  or dam-
At least once a year :
•  Clean body and door drain holes.
Check coolant  level  in the  engine
coolant reservoir.
Lubricate door hinges and  checks,
and hood hinges.
Lubricate door and hood locks and
Lubricate   door   rubber   weather-
Check the  operation of all  exterior
lights, including the stoplights, turn
signals and  hazard warning  flash-     •  Check  windshield   washer   spray
and  wiper operation.  Clean  wiper
blades with  clean cloth dampened
with washer fluid.
Check the inflation pressures of all
tires including the spare.
Check the air conditioning system.
Inspect   and  lubricate   automatic
transaxle linkage and controls.
Check headlight alignment.
Check   muffler,    exhaust    pipes,
shields and clamps.
Clean battery and terminals.
Check the brake fluid level.
Check  the  lap/shoulder   belts  for
wear and function.
Check  for   worn  tires   and  loose
wheel lug nuts.
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