2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Auto control (if equipped)
If  there  is   heavy  accumulation  of
snow   or   ice   on   the   windshield,
defrost the  windshield for  about 10
minutes, or until the snow and/or ice
is  removed  before  using the  wind-
shield wipers to ensure proper oper-
When the  ignition  switch is  ON
and the windshield  wiper switch
is placed in the AUTO mode, use
caution  in  the   following  situa-
tions  to avoid  any injury  to  the
hands or other parts of the body:
Do not touch the upper end of
the  windshield   glass   facing
the rain sensor.
Do not  wipe the upper  end of
the  windshield   glass  with  a
damp or wet cloth.
•  Do  not  put  pressure  on   the
windshield glass.
When  you  operate the  wipers,  if
your vehicle has a  problem in any
part  of  the  wiper  operation  sys-
tem, the wiper may  operate in the
LO mode  regardless of  the  wiper
switch position.  In this  case, have
vehicle    checked     by   an
authorized  HYUNDAI   dealer  as
soon as possible.
Rain sensor
The rain sensor located on the upper
end of  the  windshield glass  senses
the  amount  of  rainfall and  controls
the wiping cycle  for the proper inter-
val. The more  it rains, the  faster the
wiper operates.
When the rain stops, the wiper stops.
To  vary the  speed  setting, turn  the
speed control knob (1).
If  the  wiper  switch is  set  in  AUTO
mode when the ignition switch is ON,
the  wiper will  operate  once  to per-
form a self-check  of the system. Set
the wiper  to OFF  position when  the
wiper is not in use.
When the ignition key is removed,
the  wiper  blade   sometimes  may
move   slightly   for  reducing   the
deterioration   of   the  windshield
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