2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Always drive  slowly  and turn
corners carefully  when carry-
ing  items   on  the  roof  rack.
Severe wind updrafts,  caused
by passing vehicles or natural
causes,   can   cause   sudden
upward   pressure   on   items
loaded on  the roof rack.  This
is especially  true when carry-
ing  large,  flat items  such  as
wood  panels   or  mattresses.
This could cause  the items to
fall off the roof rack and cause
damage   to  your   vehicle   or
others around you.
The following  specification is
the maximum weight  that can
be loaded  onto the  roof rack.
Distribute  the load  as  evenly
as possible onto the roof rack
and secure the load firmly.
100 kg (220 lbs.)
Loading  cargo or  luggage  in
excess of the specified weight
limit  on   the   roof  rack   may
damage your vehicle.
The  vehicle center  of  gravity
will be higher  when items are
loaded   onto   the  roof   rack.
Avoid sudden  starts, braking,
sharp  turns,   abrupt  maneu-
vers or  high speeds that  may
result  in loss  of vehicle  con-
trol or rollover  resulting in an
To prevent  damage or loss of
cargo while driving, check fre-
quently  before  or while  driv-
ing to make sure the items  on
the roof rack are securely fas-
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