2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
If  at all  possible,  cease  driving  the    Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
vehicle immediately. If that is not pos-
Rough,  gravel   or  snow-cov-
ered roads.
sible,   use  extreme   caution   while
operating the  vehicle  and only  con-
tinue  to  drive  the  vehicle  until you
can  reach a  safe  location or  repair
ABS  (or  ESC) will  not  prevent
accidents  due  to   improper  or
dangerous  driving  maneuvers.
Even  though vehicle  control is
improved    during   emergency
braking, always maintain  a safe
•  With tire chains installed.
On roads where  the road sur-
face is  pitted or  has different
surface height.
The safety features of an ABS
(or   ESC)   equipped   vehicle
should not  be tested  by high
speed  driving   or   cornering.
This could endanger the safe-
ty of yourself or others.
objects  ahead.  Vehicle  speeds
should always  be reduced  dur-
ing extreme road conditions.
The  braking  distance  for  vehi-
cles equipped  with  an anti-lock
braking  system   or  (Electronic
Stability Control System) may be
longer than  for those  without it
in the following road conditions.
During   these   conditions    the
vehicle   should   be   driven   at
reduced speeds:
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