2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
If  you  are  considering  towing  with
your  vehicle, you  should first  check
with   your   state’s   Department    of
Motor  Vehicles   to  determine   their
legal requirements.
Since laws vary the requirements for
towing trailers, cars, or other types of
vehicles or apparatus may differ. Ask
an  authorized  HYUNDAI  dealer for
further details before towing.
Remember that  trailering is different
than just driving your vehicle by itself.
Trailering  means   changes  in  han-
dling,  durability,  and  fuel  economy.
Successful,  safe  trailering   requires
correct equipment,  and it  has to  be
used properly.
WARNING - Weight limits
Before  towing,  make  sure  the
total trailer weight, GCW  (gross
(gross   vehicle   weight),   GAW
(gross  axle  weight)  and trailer
tongue  load  are  all  within  the
This section contains many time-test-
ed, important trailering tips and  safe-
ty rules. Many of these are important
for your  safety and that  of your pas-
sengers.  Please   read  this   section
carefully before you pull a trailer.
WARNING - Towing a
Pulling a  trailer  improperly can
damage your  vehicle and result
in costly repairs not  covered by
your  warranty. To  pull  a  trailer
correctly,  follow  the   advice  in
this section.
If  you   don't   use  the   correct
equipment and/or drive improp-
erly, you can  lose control when
you pull a trailer. For example, if
the   trailer   is  too   heavy,   the
brakes  may not  work  well -  or
even  at all.  You  and your  pas-
sengers  could  be  seriously or
fatally injured. Pull a trailer only
if   you  have   followed   all  the
steps in this section.
Load-pulling   components  such   as
the engine, transaxle,  wheel assem-
blies,  and  tires  are  forced  to  work
harder against the load of the  added
weight.  The  engine   is  required  to
operate  at  relatively  higher  speeds
and under  greater  loads. This addi-
tional  burden generates  extra  heat.
The  trailer  also   considerably  adds
wind    resistance,    increasing    the
pulling requirements.
Your  vehicle  can   tow  a  trailer.  To
identify  what   the  vehicle  trailering
capacity   is  for   your   vehicle,  you
should    read   the    information    in
“Weight  of  the trailer”  that  appears
later in this section.
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