2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Closing the liftgate (tailgate)
WARNING - Exhaust
WARNING - Rear  cargo
If you drive with the liftgate (tail-
gate)  open, you  will draw  dan-
gerous exhaust fumes into your
vehicle  which  can  cause  seri-
ous  injury  or  death  to vehicle
occupants.  If   you  must   drive
with the  liftgate (tailgate) open,
keep the  air  vents and  all win-
dows  open  so   that  additional
outside air comes into the vehi-
Occupants should never ride  in
the  rear  cargo  area  where  no
restraints are available.To avoid
injury  in  the event  of  an  acci-
dent  or   sudden   stops,  occu-
pants should always be  proper-
ly restrained.
To close  the liftgate  (tailgate), lower
and push  down the liftgate (tailgate)
firmly.  Make   sure  that  the   liftgate
(tailgate) is securely latched.
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