2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Battery replacement
For replacement transmitters, see an    Immobilizer  system
authorized    HYUNDAI   dealer    for     (if equipped)
transmitter reprogramming.
Your  vehicle   is  equipped   with  an
electronic engine immobilizer system
to  reduce  the  risk  of  unauthorized
vehicle use.
Your  immobilizer   system   is   com-
prised of  a small transponder  in the
ignition  key  and  electronic  devices
inside the vehicle.
With the  immobilizer system,  when-
ever you insert  your ignition key into
the ignition switch  and turn it to  ON,
it checks to verify if the ignition key is
If the  key is  determined to  be valid,
the engine will start.
The transmitter  is designed to give
you years of  trouble-free use, how-
ever it can malfunction if exposed to
moisture or  static  electricity. If  you
are unsure  how to  use your trans-
mitter or replace the battery, contact
an authorized HYUNDAI dealer.
Using the wrong battery can cause
the  transmitter to  malfunction.  Be
sure to use the correct battery.
To avoid damaging the  transmitter,
don't drop it, get it wet, or expose it
to excessive heat or sunlight.
The transmitter  uses a 3 volt  lithium
battery  which  will  normally  last  for
several years.  When replacement  is
necessary,  use the  following proce-
posed battery can be harm-
ful to  the  environment and
may  cause  risk  to  human
health. Dispose the  battery
according    to   your   local
law(s) or regulation.
If the key is determined to be invalid,
the engine will not start.
Insert a  slim tool into the  slot and
gently  pry   open  the   transmitter
center cover.
Replace  the  battery  with  a  new
battery (CR2032). When replacing
the battery, make  sure the battery
CAUTION - Transmitter
Do not  drop, wet  or expose the
keyless  entry  system  transmit-
ter to excessive heat or sunlight.
Install  the  battery  in  the  reverse
order of removal.
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