2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
Side impact and curtain air bags
Side  airbag   and/or  curtain  airbags
may  also inflate  where  rollover  sen-
sors   indicate  the   possibility   of   a
rollover occurring (even if none actual-
ly occurs) or in other  situations, inclu-
iding when  the  vehicle is  tilted while
being towed. Even where  side and/or
curtain  airbags   would  not   provide
impact protection in a rollover, howev-
er, they will deploy to prevent  ejection
of  occupants,  especially  those  who
are restrained with seat belts.
Side impact and curtain  air bags are
designed to inflate when an impact is
detected  by  side   collision  sensors
depending on the strength, speed  or
angles  of  impact   resulting  from  a
side impact collision.
Also, the  side impact  and curtain  air
bags are  designed to  inflate when  a
rollover is detected by the rollover sen-
Although  the  front air  bags  (driver’s
front, knee  and front  passenger’s  air
bags) are designed to inflate in frontal
collisions,  they   also  may  inflate   in
other  types  of  collisions  if  the front
impact  sensors   detect  a   sufficient
frontal force in another type of impact.
Side impact  and curtain air  bags are
designed  to   inflate  in  certain   side
impact collisions. They  may inflate  in
other type  of collisions  where a  side
force is detected by the sensors.
If the  vehicle chassis  is impacted  by
bumps  or   objects   on  unimproved
roads, the air  bags may deploy. Drive
carefully on  unimproved  roads or  on
surfaces not designed for vehicle traf-
fic  to   prevent  unintended   air  bag
The actual air bags in the vehicle  may dif-
fer from the illustration.
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