2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Tire  terminology  and   definitions     Curb Weight: This means the weight    Light truck(LT) tire: A tire designat-
Air  Pressure:  The   amount  of   air     of a motor vehicle with standard and      ed by  its  manufacturer as  primarily
inside  the tire  pressing  outward  on     optional   equipment   including   the      intended for use on lightweight trucks
the tire. Air pressure  is expressed in     maximum  capacity  of  fuel,   oil  and     or multipurpose passenger vehicles.
pounds per square inch  (psi) or kilo-     coolant, but  without passengers and
pascal (kPa).
Accessory Weight: This means  the     DOT Markings: A code  molded into     inflation pressure.
Load  ratings:  The  maximum  load
that a tire is rated to carry for a given
combined weight  of  optional acces-     the  sidewall  of a  tire  signifying that
sories.  Some  examples  of  optional     the tire is in compliance with the U.S.
accessories are, automatic transaxle     Department  of Transportation  motor
Load  Index:  An  assigned  number
ranging  from  1  to   279  that  corre-
sponds to the load  carrying capacity
of a tire.
Maximum  Inflation Pressure:  The
maximum  air  pressure  to  which   a
cold tire  may be  inflated. The  maxi-
mum air pressure is molded onto the
Maximum  Load  Rating:  The   load
rating for  a tire at  the maximum per-
missible inflation pressure for that tire.
Maximum Loaded  Vehicle Weight:
The  sum of  curb weight;  accessory
power seats, and air conditioning.
vehicle  safety  standards. The  DOT
code includes  the Tire  Identification
Number (TIN), an alphanumeric des-
ignator  which  can  also identify  the
tire  manufacturer,  production  plant,
brand and date of production.
GVWR: Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GAWR   FRT:  Gross   Axle   Weight
Rating for the Front Axle.
Aspect Ratio: The  relationship of  a
tire's height to its width.
Belt: A rubber  coated layer of cords
that is located between the plies and
the tread. Cords  may be made  from
steel or other reinforcing materials.
Bead: The  tire  bead  contains steel
wires  wrapped  by  steel  cords  that
hold the tire onto the rim.
GAWR   RR:   Gross   Axle    Weight
Rating for the Rear axle.
Bias  Ply Tire:  A  pneumatic  tire  in
which the  plies are  laid at  alternate     Intended  Outboard  Sidewall:  The     weight; vehicle  capacity weight; and
angles less  than  90 degrees  to the      side  of  an   asymmetrical  tire,  that     production options  weight.
centerline of the tread.
Cold Tire Pressure: The  amount of
must   always  face   outward   when
mounted on a vehicle.
Normal   Occupant    Weight:   The
number  of  occupants   a  vehicle  is
air  pressure  in a  tire,  measured  in     Kilopascal (kPa): The metric unit for     designed  to seat  multiplied  by  150
pounds per square inch  (psi) or kilo-     air pressure.
pascals (kPa)  before a  tire has built
up heat from driving.
pounds (68 kg).
Occupant Distribution: Designated
seating positions.
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