2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Rear Cross Traffic Alert -
Operating Conditions
Warning type
If  the left  or  right side  bumper  of
your vehicle is blocked by a barrier
or  another   vehicle,   the  system
sensing ability may be limited.
When  the   ignition  is  ON,  if   you
press  the  BSD switch,  the  switch
indicator illuminates and the system
turns on.
The  system   operates   when  the
vehicle speed is below 6.2 mph (10
km/h) when the gear shift lever is in
R (Reverse).
The warning  light on  the out-
side  rearview mirror  housing
will   illuminate    whenever   a
vehicle is detected  at the rear
side by the system.
The RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert)
detecting range is 1.6 ~ 65.6 ft  (0.5
To  avoid   accidents,   do  not
focus   only  on   the  warning
light  and  neglect  to  see  the
surroundings of the vehicle.
•  Drive safely  even  though the
vehicle   is  equipped   with   a
BSD   (Blind  spot   detection)
system. Do  not solely rely  on
the system but check for your-
self before changing lanes.
20 m).
If an  approaching vehicle is  within
the sensing  range and is  traveling
at a speed of 2.5 ~ 22 mph (4 ~ 36
km/h),  the  system will  detect  the
vehicle. However, the system sens-
ing range  may vary  based  on the
surrounding conditions.
Always  use   good  judgment  and
pay attention  to your surroundings
while driving  even while  using the
BSD system.
If  the vehicle  detected by  sensors
approaches your vehicle, the  warn-
ing chime will sound  and the warn-
ing  light  will  blink  on  the  outside
rearview mirror.
If the detected  vehicle is out of  the
sensing  range   from  behind   your
vehicle,   moves  in   the   opposite
direction away from  your vehicle or
moves  slowly, the  warning is  can-
The system  may not alert  the
driver  in some  conditions so
always  check   the  surround-
ings while driving.
The system may not operate prop-
erly due to other factors  or circum-
stances.  Always  pay  attention  to
your surroundings.
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