2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
The VSM  is  designed to  function
above  approximately  9  mph   (15
km/h) on curves.
The VSM  is  designed to  function
above  approximately 18  mph  (30
km/h) when a vehicle is braking on
a split-mu road. The split-mu road
is made of surfaces which have dif-
ferent friction forces.
Downhill brake control (DBC)
(if equipped)
Management  system is  not a
substitute    for   safe   driving
practices   but  a   supplemen-
tary  function   only.  It  is   the
responsibility of  the driver  to
always  check  the  speed and
the  distance   to   the  vehicle
ahead. Always hold  the steer-
ing wheel firmly while driving.
Your  vehicle   is  designed  to
operate  according to  the  dri-
ver's  input  through  steering,
acceleration,    and    braking,
even   with   the  VSM   opera-
tional.  Always  follow   all  the
normal  precautions  for  driv-
ing at safe speeds for the con-
ditions  -  including driving  in
inclement  weather  and  on  a
slippery road.
The  Downhill  Brake  Control  (DBC)
assists the driver when descending a
steep hill without the  driver depress-
ing the brake pedal. It slows the vehi-
cle to   under approximately 6.3 mph
(10 km/h) and lets the driver concen-
trate on steering the vehicle.
DBC  defaults  to  the   OFF  position
whenever the ignition is turned on.
The DBC can  be turned on or off  by
pushing the button.
Driving  with   varying  tire   or
wheel  sizes   may  cause   the
VSM  system  to  malfunction.
When  replacing   tires,   make
sure they are the same size as
your original tires.
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