2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Driving your vehicle
Good driving practices
•  Always use the  parking brake and
shift into P (Park) when parking the
vehicle. Do not  depend on placing
the  transaxle in  P  (Park) to  keep
the vehicle from moving.
Never move  the shift  lever from P
(Park) or  N (Neutral)  to any  other
position with the  accelerator pedal
Always  buckle-up!  In  a  colli-
sion, an unbelted  occupant is
significantly more  likely to be
seriously injured or killed than
a properly belted occupant.
Avoid high  speeds when  cor-
nering or turning.
Do  not  make  quick  steering
wheel   movements,  such   as
sharp  lane  changes   or  fast,
sharp turns.
The risk  of rollover  is greatly
increased  if you  lose  control
of  your   vehicle   at  highway
Loss of control  often occurs if
two or more wheels drop off the
roadway  and  the  driver  over-
steers to reenter the roadway.
In   the   event    your   vehicle
leaves  the   roadway,  do   not
steer   sharply.  Instead,  slow
down before pulling back  into
the travel lanes.
Exercise   extreme  caution   when
driving  on  a  slippery  surface. Be
especially  careful   when  braking,
accelerating or shifting gears. On a
slippery surface, an abrupt change
in  vehicle  speed   can  cause  the
drive  wheels  to lose  traction  and
the vehicle to go out of control.
Never move the  shift lever into "P"
when the vehicle is in motion.
Be  sure the  vehicle is  completely
stopped before you attempt to shift
into R (Reverse) or D (Drive).
Never take  the vehicle out  of gear
and coast down a hill. This may be
extremely hazardous. Always leave
the vehicle in gear when moving.
Do not  "ride" the  brakes. This can
cause them  to  overheat and  mal-
function.  Instead,   when  you  are
driving down a long hill, slow down,
move the shift lever to sports mode
and shift to a lower gear.
Optimum vehicle performance and
economy is  obtained  by smoothly
depressing    and    releasing    the
accelerator pedal.
When  using   soprts   mode,  slow
down  before   shifting  to  a   lower
Never  exceed   posted  speed
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