2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
If towing service is not available in an
emergency,   your  vehicle   may   be
temporarily  towed using  a  cable  or
chain secured to the emergency tow-
ing  hook  attached  to  the  front  (or
under the rear) of the vehicle.
Use extreme caution when towing the
vehicle. A driver must  be in the vehi-
cle to steer it and operate the brakes.
Towing in  this manner may  be done
only  on  hard-surfaced  roads  for   a
short  distance  and  at  low  speeds.
Also, the wheels,  axles, power train,
steering  and  brakes must  all  be  in
good condition.
•  Attach  a  towing strap  to  the
tow hook.
Use extreme caution  when tow-
ing the vehicle.
Using a portion  of the vehicle
other  than the  tow  hooks for
towing may  damage the body
of your vehicle.
Use   only  a   cable   or  chain
specifically  intended  for  use
in  towing   vehicles.  Securely
fasten  the  cable  or  chain  to
the towing hook provided.
Avoid sudden  starts or erratic
maneuvers     which
would  place excessive  stress
on the emergency towing hook
and towing cable or chain.The
hook   and   towing   cable   or
chain  may   break  and  cause
serious injury or damage.
If the  disabled vehicle cannot
be moved, do not forcibly con-
tinue  the  towing. Contact  an
authorized HYUNDAI dealer or
a commercial  tow truck  serv-
ice for assistance.
Tow  the   vehicle  as   straight
ahead as possible.
Keep  away  from  the  vehicle
during towing.
Before  emergency  towing,  check
that the hook is not broken or dam-
Fasten  the towing  cable  or  chain
securely to the hook.
Do not jerk the hook. Apply  steady
and even force.
To avoid damaging the hook, do not
pull  from the  side  or at  a  vertical
angle. Always pull straight ahead.
Do not use the  tow hooks to pull a
vehicle out  of mud,  sand  or other
conditions  from which  the  vehicle
cannot be driven out under its own
Avoid towing a vehicle heavier than
the vehicle doing the towing.
The drivers of both vehicles should
communicate with  each  other fre-
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