2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
With  the  ignition  switch  in  the  ON
position, push  either of the switches
to warm the driver's  seat or the front
passenger's seat.
During mild weather  or under condi-
tions where the operation of the seat
warmer   is  not   needed,  keep   the
switches in the OFF position.
WARNING - Seat warmer
Never   allow  passengers   who
may not be  able to take  care of
themselves  to   be  exposed  to
the risk of seat warmer burns.
•  When  cleaning  the seats,  do
not  use   an  organic   solvent
such   as    thinner,   benzene,
alcohol  and   gasoline.  Doing
so may damage the surface of
the heater or seats.
To  prevent   overheating    the
seat warmer, do not place any-
thing  on the  seats  that  insu-
lates  against   heat,   such  as
blankets,   cushions   or   seat
covers while  the seat  warmer
is in operation.
These include:
Each time you push the button, the
temperature  setting of  the seat  is
changed as follows :
Infants,  children,   elderly  or
disabled persons, or  hospital
Persons  with  sensitive   skin
or those that burn easily
3. Fatigued individuals
The  seat  warmer  defaults  to  the
OFF position whenever the ignition
switch is turned on.
With the seat warmer switch  in the
ON position, the heating system  in
the seat  turns  off or  on automati-
cally  depending on  the  seat tem-
•  Do not  place  heavy  or sharp
objects   on   seats   equipped
with seat warmers. Damage to
the seat warming components
could occur.
4. Intoxicated individuals
Individuals taking medication
that can cause drowsiness or
sleepiness    (sleeping    pills,
cold tablets, etc.)
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