2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Air conditioning
Air conditioning system operation tips  
HYUNDAI Air  Conditioning  Systems
are filled with environmentally  friend-
ly R-134a refrigerant.
•  If the  vehicle  has been  parked in
direct sunlight  during hot  weather,
open the windows  for a short  time
to let  the hot air inside  the vehicle
While  using  the  air  conditioning
system,  monitor  the  engine  tem-
perature gauge closely  while driv-
ing  up   hills  or  in   heavy  traffic
when   outside   temperatures   are
Start the engine. Push the air con-
ditioning button.
high.   Air    conditioning    system     •  To  help reduce  moisture inside  of
Set the mode to the
operation may  cause engine over-
heating. Continue to use the blow-
er fan  but turn  the air  condition-
ing  system off  if  the  engine tem-
perature  gauge   indicates  engine
Opening  the   windows  in  humid
weather air  conditioning operates
may  create  water droplets  inside
the vehicle.  Since  excessive water
droplets   may  cause   damage   to
electrical   equipment,   air  condi-
tioning  should only  be  used  with
the windows closed.
the  windows   on  rainy  or   humid
days, decrease the humidity inside
the  vehicle   by  operating  the   air
conditioning system.
Set  the  air  intake  control  to  the
recirculated air  position. However,
prolonged operation of the recircu-
lated  air  position will  excessively
dry the air. In this case, change the
air position.
During   air   conditioning    system
operation,  you   may  occasionally
notice  a  slight  change  in  engine
speed as the air conditioning  com-
pressor  cycles.  This  is  a  normal
system operation characteristic.
Adjust  the fan  speed control  and
temperature   control  to   maintain
maximum comfort.
When maximum cooling is desired,
set the  temperature control  to the
extreme  left position  then  set the
fan  speed  control  to  the  highest
During the  winter months, use  the
air    conditioning    system    every
month for a  few minutes to ensure
maximum system performance.
When  using   the  air  conditioning
system, you may notice clear water
dripping (or  even puddling) on  the
ground  under the  passenger  side
of the vehicle.This condensation is
a normal system operation charac-
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