2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
TPMS (Tire Pressure
Monitoring System)
malfunction indicator
WARNING - Low pressure
The spare tire is not equipped with a
tire pressure sensor.
Significantly  low  tire  pressure
makes the vehicle unstable  and
can contribute to loss of vehicle
control  and  increased  braking
Continued driving  on low  pres-
sure tires can cause the tires to
overheat and fail.
The TPMS malfunction  indicator will
illuminate  after it  blinks for  approxi-
mately  one minute  when there  is  a
problem   with    the   Tire   Pressure
Monitoring System.
We recommend  that  the system  be
checked by an authorized  HYUNDAI
In  winter  or  cold  weather,  the
low  tire   pressure  telltale  may
illuminate  if   the  tire   pressure
was   adjusted   to   the   recom-
mended  tire  inflation  pressure
in  warm   weather.  It  does   not
mean yourTPMS is malfunction-
ing because the decreased tem-
perature leads  to  a lowering  of
tire pressure.
If  there  is  a  malfunction  with  the
TPMS, the low tire pressure position
telltale  will  not  be  displayed  even
though  the  vehicle   has  an  under-
inflated tire.
When  you   drive   your  vehicle
from a warm area to  a cold area
or  from a  cold  area to  a  warm
area, or the outside temperature
is  higher  or lower,  you  should
check the tire inflation pressure
and adjust  the  tires to  the rec-
ommended  tire   inflation  pres-
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