2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Safety features of your vehicle
WARNING - Headrest
For maximum  effectiveness in
case of  an accident, the head-
rest should be adjusted so the
middle of the headrest is at the
same  height as  the  center  of
gravity of an occupant's head.
Generally, the center of gravity
of most people's  head is simi-
lar with the height of the top of
their eyes.
Forward and backward adjustment
Adjusting the height up and down
Also  adjust   the  headrest  as
close to your head as possible.
For  this reason,  the  use of  a
cushion  that  holds  the  body
away from the  seatback is not
Do not operate the vehicle with
the headrests removed. Severe
injury   to  an   occupant   may
occur in  the event  of an acci-
dent.  Headrests  may  provide
protection against severe neck
injuries when  properly adjust-
The  headrest may  be  adjusted  for-     To raise the headrest :
ward   to  4   different   positions    by
Pull it up to the desired position (1).
pulling  the  headrest forward  to  the
desired  detent. To  adjust the  head-
rest to the backwards position, press
To lower the headrest :
and hold the  release button (1), and      1. Push and hold  the release button
adjust   position    of   the   headrest.
Adjust the headrest so that it proper-
ly supports the head and  neck.
(2) on the headrest support
Lower the headrest  to the desired
position (3).
Do  not   adjust  the   headrest
position  of   the  driver's  seat
while the vehicle is in motion.
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