2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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What to do in an emergency
When  using  a  temporary   compact     • Do  not use tire  chains on the  com-
spare tire, observe the following pre-
pact spare tire.Because of the small-
er size, a tire chain will not fit proper-
ly. This  could  damage  the  vehicle
and result in loss of the chain.
•  Do not use the  compact spare tire
on any  other vehicle  because this
tire has  been  designed especially
for your vehicle.
Under no circumstances should you
exceed  50 mph  (80  km/h); higher
speeds could damage the tire.
Ensure that you drive slowly enough
for the  road  conditions to  avoid all
hazards.Any road hazard, such as a
pothole  or  debris,  could  seriously     •  The compact spare tire’s tread life is
damage the compact spare.
shorter than  a regular  tire. Inspect
your  compact  spare  tire  regularly
and  replace  worn  compact  spare
tires with the same size and design,
mounted on the same wheel.
The compact spare  tire should not
be used  on any other  wheels, nor
should  standard tires,  snow  tires,
wheel covers or trim rings  be used
with  the  compact spare  wheel.  If
such use is  attempted, damage to
these  items  or  other  car  compo-
nents may occur.
Any continuous road use of this tire
could  result in  tire  failure, loss  of
vehicle  control, and  possible  per-
sonal injury.
Do not  exceed the  vehicle’s maxi-
mum load rating  or the load-carry-
ing capacity shown on the sidewall
of the compact spare tire.
Avoid  driving  over obstacles.  The
compact   spare  tire   diameter   is
smaller than the diameter of a con-
ventional   tire   and   reduces   the
ground clearance  approximately 1
inch (25 mm), which could result in
damage to the vehicle.
Do not use more than one compact
spare tire at a time.
•  Do not tow a trailer  while the com-
pact spare tire is installed.
Do not take the vehicle  through an
automatic car wash while the com-
pact spare tire is installed.
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