2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Sunroof open warning
(if equipped)
The warning chime will sound for a few
seconds  and   a  message  "Sunroof
Open" will appear on the LCD display.
Close  the   sunroof   securely  when
leaving your vehicle.
Do  not extend  any luggage  out
side the sunroof while driving.
Never  adjust  the  sunroof  or
sunshade  while  driving. This
could result in  loss of control
and   an   accident   that   may
cause death, serious injury, or
property damage.
If you would like to carry items
on the roof  using a cross bar,
do not operate the sunroof.
When  carrying   cargo  on  the
roof, do  not  load  heavy items
above the sunroof or glass roof.
Type A
If the  driver removes  the ignition key
(smart key: turns  off the  engine) and
opens the  driver-side door  when the
sunroof is not fully closed.
Do not allow children to  oper-
ate the sunroof.
Type B
If the driver removes  the ignition key
(smart   key:  turns   off  the   engine)
when the sunroof is not fully closed.
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