2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
When   pushing    down   the   lock
release switch (2), all vehicle doors
will unlock.
If  the key  is in  the  ignition switch
and front  door  is open,  the doors
will not  lock even  though the cen-
tral door lock switch (1) is pressed.
If  the smart  key  is  in  the vehicle
and  any  door is  open,  the  doors
will not  lock even  though the cen-
tral door lock switch (1) is pressed.
WARNING - Unlocked
The  doors  should always  be
fully closed  and locked  while
the vehicle is in motion to pre-
vent accidental opening of the
door.  Locked doors  will  also
discourage potential intruders
when   the  vehicle   stops   or
Leaving  your vehicle  unlocked
can invite theft or possible harm
to you  or others from someone
hiding in your vehicle while you
are  gone.  Always  remove   the
ignition key, engage the parking
brake,  close  all   windows  and
lock   all  doors   when   leaving
your vehicle unattended.
•  Be   careful    when    opening
doors and watch  for vehicles,
pedestrians  approaching  the
vehicle in the path of the door.
Opening  a door  when  some-
WARNING - Unattended
is    approaching    can
An enclosed vehicle can become
extremely hot, causing  death or
severe injury to unattended chil-
dren   or  animals   who  cannot
escape the vehicle. Furthermore,
children might  operate  features
of  the vehicle  that  could injure
them,  or  they  could  encounter
other harm, possibly from some-
one gaining entry to the vehicle.
Never leave  children or animals
unattended in your vehicle.
cause damage or injury.
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