2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Owners Manual

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Features of your vehicle
Eco Coach
• What does the  bar graph and hori-
zontal line mean?
The horizontal  line is  adjusted once
per month or at each tank full, based
on your preference; it represents  the
EPA combined average or communi-
ty average fuel economy target.
What is My Eco MPG?
Your  actual  fuel  economy   average
over 2.5 minutes.
This value is also shown in bar graph
as your "now" rating.
What is Eco Coach?
Every 2.5 minutes,  Eco Coach com-
pares your fuel economy against  the
government tested average (EPA) or
other similar  Hyundai models  (com-
munity),  based on  your  preference.
Each  month, or  after  every tank  fill
up, Eco  Coach rates  your extended
average and gives you a  reward star
if you best the average.
What are Eco Rewards?
If you  beat the average  (the EPA  or
community), you  will receive an Eco
Reward point.
See your  my Hyundai  web page for
more information.
[Eco  Driving] will  not  operate if  the
vehicle  ignition   is   not  turned   on.
Please   operate   with   the   ignition
turned on.
See your  My Hyundai  web page for
more information.
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